Why should I put so much extra effort into my General Chemistry Class?

  • It’s likely to be your most challenging class, but also the best predictor of your success in college.

  • It’s a gateway class, a prerequisite for most science, engineering, and pre-med majors.

  • 65% of students in one study who got a D or F in Chem 1 dropped out of college.

  • The concepts are building blocks for many more classes.

What distinguishes a high-achieving student from a low-achieving student in General Chemistry? Hint: It's not IQ.

High-achieving students tend to have higher metacognitive skills, or a better awareness of what they do and do not know. Madra for ACS Exams provides metacognitive training with each quiz to help you know exactly how well you understand that topic.

*from a study at the University of Utah (download whitepaper)