We're passionate about helping students uncover their potential and want to empower them to succeed. We believe everyone has the capacity for greatness when provided with the right support, encouragement, and the proper tools.


Shane Willard

I’m a serial entrepreneur and eternal optimist. I see opportunity where others see dead ends, and I see possibility where others see roadblocks. I dream big and share that dream to inspire others.

I absolutely love people. I love their quirks and imperfections, their opinions and perspectives, their talents and potential. It’s people that make any group or organization successful, and I work with some of the greatest on the planet.

President / CTO

Nate Zaugg

I have been programming since I was around 5. I absolutely loved having the computer do exactly as I told it. My computer didn’t work very well either so I’d have to write a game before I could play it, and when the power shut off, I’d have to write the game again to play it again.

I always knew I wanted to be a software engineer, so I tried to do all I could in High School including taking the AP computers class and lettering in Computer Science (possibly the only one to have ever done that before). I got my first professional job when I was 15 writing computerized testing and distance learning programs for Salt Lake Community College.

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Madra is a growing, dynamic team of great people. We don’t just look for the best, but seek out those who share our unique perspectives on education and value the improvement and general welfare of others. We have a global force of talent that includes: marketing, sales, operations, software development, research, and data science.

If you are interested in joining our team,please let us know by sending an email to careers@madralearning.com

The power of collaboration.Working with the University of Utah.

We are dedicated to our cause of helping learners surface and fill their true potential.  For years, we’ve worked closely with the University of Utah, and other key institutions, to stay on the cutting-edge of “learning science” and to ensure research-backed, data-proven results.  Collaboration with the market we serve – it just makes sense..

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