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Save Time & Increase Focus

Less time spent writing, administering, and grading exams and assignments means more time and energy available where it counts – educating!  That’s why we are passionate about saving time for both educators and learners alike!  Learn more about how Madra helps to save time and increase focus.

Adapt & Simplify

At the heart of everything we do at Madra is the idea of simplification.  Whether for the teacher or learner, we are constantly pushing to take otherwise complex tasks and topics and turn them into something achievable and consumable.  To ensure high-impact, this also requires flexibility and adaptability.  Madra seeks to simplify the process by adapting to the needs of the educator and learner. Learn about how Madra adapts to your needs and simplifies the learning process.

Unlock Potential

Feedback is critical to both learning and teaching!  Madra was founded on the concept of unlocking untapped-potential through data-driven feedback.  Our analytics, meta-cognitive training, and adaptive learning features are the fastest-growing area of our product.  We are passionate about improving learning and knowledge retention; that passion is a driving force behind Madra’s continuously-improving “feedback loop.”  Learn more about how Madra unlocks potential.

Save Time & Increase Focus

Explore some of our features that help to save time and increase focus.

Data Export & LMS integration

Grades and results can be easily exported into various formats for integration with learning management systems such as Blackboard, Canvas, Moodle, Sakai, etc.

Multiple Answer Attempts

One of our most-enjoyed features by learners is the ability for the educator to add multiple answer attempts to an assessment.  When selected as an option, if the learner misses a question, they can re-try that question for full or partial credit.   This feature allows the student to stay focused on the assessment rather than waste time second-guessing their responses.

Anti-Cheating Safeguards

We all wish it didn’t happen, but cheating occurs in the classroom, distracting from the educational experience.  Madra has built several proprietary anti-cheating safeguards that help the learner focus on the content, rather than the temptation to cheat.  These proactive measures allow the educator to focus on the most important aspects of teaching.

Adapt & Simplify

Explore some of our features that allow us to adapt to individual needs and simplify the learning process.

Custom Equations & Variables

One of our most sought-after features is the ability to create student-solvable equations.  In other words, an educator can write simple or complex equations directly into a question and Madra can interpret and calculate answers.  This allows for both complex multiple-choice as well as numeric-entry questions allowing each learner in the assessment to be tested on the same equation, but with different numeric inputs.  This is particularly useful for subjects such as math, chemistry, physics, engineering, and other sciences.

Flexible Exam Administration

Madra can adapt to a variety of different assessment environments to ensure a simple and straightforward process.  This includes situations such as: remote proctoring, time-based assessments, session-based assessments, etc.


Madra is designed for maximum flexibility, including the ability to run on mobile devices, such as tablets.  This is perfect for in-session quizzes or situations requiring mobility.

Surface Potential

Explore some of our features that help us to surface untapped potential for our users.

Real-Time Insights

Madra allows the educator to see real-time insights even while a learner is still mid-assessment!  These insights allow the educator to keep track of what is happening and potentially intervene when necessary.  These real-time insights are one of the quickly-expanding features of Madra, as we view this as a critical way to enhance education.

Question Matrices

Do you have external software or processes you would like to use to analyze your assessments or assignments?  Madra comes ready to export results in machine-friendly formats with results formatted and ready to be consumed by advanced analytical software packages.

Big-Data for Big-Learning

Madra is based on some of the most advanced data-science principles available to large corporations, financial institutions, and research facilities.  We bring those same tools, skills, and concepts right into the classroom, where individuals need it most!  This “behind-the-scenes” engine provides Madra educators and learners with amazing tools, interaction, insights, and information.  We have only started to scratch the surface of what our powerful engine can do.

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