Less time grading.

By integrating with existing Learning Management Systems we allow you to spend your precious time adding value where it counts.

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Providing supportand focus.

Educators can create, curate, and organize custom exams / assignments with fully-automated security, anti-cheating safeguards, and flexible exam proctoring.

Exam Proctoring

A test can be administered at the touch of a button! We fully support integration with testing centres or computer labs.

Our Safeguards

Madra has built several proprietary anti-cheating safeguards that help the learner focus on the content, rather than the temptation to cheat.

Community of trusted content.

As is with grading and assessments, creating content can be cumbersome and time consuming. Madra allows educators to effortlessly share content and collaborate in an organized way!

Our analysis engine helps identify the difficulty-level and “discrimination” factor for content, guiding educators to only the best content for their needs.

Accessible Anywhere.

Educators have the option of making results available for students to access online. This saves time from having to distribute results or walk through assessments one-at-a-time.

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Madra Learning Features.

Don’t spend time trying to figure something out, let us help! Support is always free with any Madra product.

Fully-Automated Grading

Assignments and assessments are automatically graded providing instant feedback and scoring.

Hands-Free Proctoring

With flexible exam administration and proctoring options, a test can be administered at the touch of a button!  Along with our cutting-edge, anti-cheating safeguards, this allows the educator to spend valuable time elsewhere.

Testing-Center Integration

Many Madra institutions choose to proctor their exams through their organization’s testing center.  We fully support integration into testing centers or computer labs.

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